WriteGirl is my new favorite word. So is wonderbubble.


My friend Colleen Wainwright, the indomitable Communicatrix, will soon be fifty years of age. Colleen has mounted a wonderbubbly righteous birthday celebration that will change many lives for the better. 

 Colleen Wainwright with two of the L.A. WriteGirls

Colleen thought it would be just wonderbubble to raise $50,000 (that's right, a grand for each decade) to benefit WriteGirl:

WriteGirl is a nonprofit organization for high school girls centered on the craft of creative writing and empowerment through self-expression. Through one-on-one mentoring and monthly workshops, girls are given techniques, insights and hot tips for great writing in all genres from professional women writers. 

Here's an awesome video of the woman herself to tell you all about it.

If she successfully raises $50,000, Colleen will publicly shave her head on her birthday, September 13. And it seems that a good many folks in L.A. and on the internets are more than happy to pony up to witness and/or participate in the shearing. It promises to be her most outstanding performance to date.

Colleen has committed to writing 50 blog posts, tweeting, e-mailing, interviewing stellar writers, burning up the telephone lines...oh, wait...I'm showing my own age—to achieve her goal. She’s creating prodigious amounts of associated penwomanship--videos, writing tips, impromptu performances, and talks. A gob-stopping donation of time and energy. In addition, she's gathered a suite of goodies and services from insanely creative friends. Check out "The Writer's Motto," rendered into an x-rated Sisyphus-evoking cross-stitch by Bee Franck. Did I mention she is one of the above-mentioned professional women writers who volunteers to work with the girls f2f?

Colleen is a most wonderbubbliciously generous person. And all her wonderbubble people are responding to her generosity with love and coin--as of a few minutes ago, she's a little over half way to ringing the bell. 

There are only 28 days to help her raise the other half. Wouldn't it be a total gas to gift Colleen with MORE than $50,000 for the girls? Can you imagine the sheer awesomeness of creating the next generation of wonderbubble women writers?

The WriteGirl IndieGoGo site will tell you all about the Party of the Half Century and how you can help. Go take a look. It will warm your heart and give you hope. Colleen says even tiny donations make a huge difference. It’s all about getting the word out. While you're at it, subscribe to Communicatrix to find her awesome stuff in your inbox. If you're a Facebooker (thanks, Michael Cooper!), like the "50 for 50" page.

Most wonderbubble of all is the courageous, caring, gifted/giving, formidable Colleen Wainwright herself.

Happy Birthday, Colleen. Thank you for making the world a better place--especially for the girls. Can't wait to see what you come up with for your 60th! It will be wonderbubble, for sure.