Freaking HOT!

Like every other place on this planet. And it's getting hotter. Sitting in the auto service center this afternoon, waiting for a new tire to be put on my car, got into a conversation with the only other person in the joint, a young woman, lives in the country outside Luling. She was concerned about the fire hazard, just a spark, and her whole place could go up in this drought.

We got off on the subject of all the current ills of the country, the world, and somehow we seemed to agree on most everything--the oil companies have the world in a strangle-hold, we need to take care of our own problems, etc., etc. Then she said "we should bring home all our troops from every country and close all our borders, even though I know we're in Iraq for a good reason, they came over here and killed 6,000 of our people, so we needed to go in there." I said, "What do you mean?" She said, "Well, the Taliban, they came over here and flew airplanes into the World Trade Center."

I just couldn't let it go. I said, bluntly, with all the certainty in my body, "oh, no, the Taliban was in Afghanistan at that time, they were supported by our country against the Soviet Union, we armed them, they came into Iraq AFTER we invaded it. The folks who flew into the WTC were Saudis, not Iraqis. We only invaded Iraq because Cheney and the PNAC wanted to get rid of Hussein and get the oil for themselves."

She blinked once, and changed the subject.

We continued to chat for a few minutes, then she got up and went outside to sit. It was over 100 degrees, but there was a stiff breeze blowing. I guess it was more comfortable out there than it was inside with me...