Gender issues in wikipedia

Recently tripped over a new group in Wikia called wikichix, a listserv comprised of several WP editrix, plus interested individuals who have some concern over the preponderance of articles which seem to display gender biased slants. Not to belabor the pc POV, after hearing of the battles fought behind the scenes over these issues, I'm taking a fresh look at Wikipedia, with an eye to lending a hand where appropriate. For instance, there are several entries about derogatory terms vis a vis females, but none on male derogatory terms. We all know that WP is not the be-all and end-all, but it's a good idea, I think, just needs some balance.

The discussion is even more interesting to me in that several of the members are in their 50's-70, and have the long view of the feminist movement to draw from. What's scary is that gender bias is still around, after so many decades of addressing the issue. What does that say about American values? I also realize that other types of bias are still in play, it's not limited to gender. Makes it even scarier.

Not that I'm Snow White. I found myself sliding down the slippery slope of ageism. It cuts many ways. I'll be interested to see how this all plays out. Stay tuned...


serene Ambition said...

Ageism, like all 'isms' it seems to me is the result of attempting to control something over which you have no control. We ALL grow older into a culture of decline and fear that which we don't understand or resist becoming. Words and language do reveal much of the contexts within which we live, but I think when the political correctness becomes another mechanism for control, then I fear we will get what we resist.

kokopelliwoman said...

Well said. I frequently tell people I am 18 with 43 years experience, which more adequately reflects my authentic feelings. I'm still the same person, no matter how many years I've been here, or how anyone else may perceives me. Please write more, I'm interested in your thinking. Do you have a blog?