Shot in the arm for bloggers

Interesting meme going around recently. Don't know how it happened, but Fried Okra Productions was in included in 2000 Bloggers, a networking group started by

The idea is to stimulate communication among the various bloggers on the list. They suggest interviewing other bloggers, whether or not they are in 2000 Bloggers. Here is the script:

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. How do you describe your blog?
  3. How has your blog changed over time?
  4. Do you have any other blogs?
  5. Do your family and friends blog, too?
  6. What are you favorite blogs? Who do you read?
Who wants to play? Simply comment on this post, and I will forward it to 2000 Bloggers. If the 2000 number has not been met, you may become a 2000 Blogger, too!

Kinda nice way to get to know other people on the 'net. So all you regular readers, let me hear from you!
Take this to a new level.

Makes me more and more excited about SXSWi this year. It's bound to be even more helpful and meaningful than last year, my first. Looking forward to seeing folks I've been corresponding with one way or another in the intervening year.