AARP gets it right this time

AARP's article entitled "Blogosphere 101" gets it right about elder bloggers. In a 2005 article, they spotlight a list of Elder Bloggers.




Unfortunately, I lost a whole bunch of research information shuffling from my work to my home computer. Maybe because I haven't joined AARP.....?

The ten percent discount can be nice...


Granny Annie said...

We dropped our AARP membership because they were too slanted in their politics. However, we get the same discounts with our Triple A card and we receive 5% off our pay-at-the-pump gas purchases with our AAA credit card. F.Y.I.

kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, Granny Annie,

I agree, AARP leans a little to the right. I also cancelled membership. Good info re: AAA card giving 5%. If AARP were to become more inclusive, I might consider joining again.

Thanks for your comment!