Portraits from the Sixties

What to do with 6 large cardboard boxes full of slides?

So here are more of my friends. I really need a new scanner...


Suzz said...

Too cool. Did we really, really look like that?

Kay Dennison said...

Yes it is, and yes we did! Sigh.

Gteat photos, Claudia!!!!!

kokopelliwoman said...

LOL at both of you! I love how both of you are flowers. Are you an Amaryllis, Suzz? Are you a Forsythia, Kay? Two of my favorites. My sister was with a Madrigal group in CT called Amaryllis. One of the most beautiful sights in Princeton is a long stretch of Forsythia in spring, and whatever hardwood tree displays yellow leaves in the fall. Gorgeous twice a year. Take care, y'all!

cchang said...

Is that you with the flute?
It'll help if you have photoshop or something similar on your computer so you can crop the photos and fix contrast and such to make it look nicer when you upload. :)
Cool pics!

kokopelliwoman said...

Cindy, that's an old friend w/the flute. Unfortunately, I can't afford Photoshop at the moment, I can't wait to get it. I'm even taking a course at work. I should have some slides of me playing flute, but need a current one of just me and my flute, like yours *well, except for obvious dissimilarities ;) Maybe I could talk you into taking it!

cchang said...

You can download Efran view. It's free and for the purposes of retouching/recropping works really well. Most people use only about 10% of what photoshop is capable of. Photoshop elements is only $75 (compared to $400 for the full package).
I'd LOVE to take pix of you some time. :)

kokopelliwoman said...

C: Wow! A portrait by you--how exciting--can't think of anyone I'd trust more than you :)

Thanks for info on Efran. I'm taking a Web tutorial on Photoshop, and agree with you--elements is probably all I would ever use.

Blackgirl On Mars said...

I actually love the effect not having photoshop has meant. I like the homegrown feel to it.
I also LOVE okra, btw.
Keep typing away,
you're cool!
the lab