Meme tagged by Kay's Thinking Cap

My pal Kay, over at Kay's Thinking Cap, tagged me with a thought-provoking meme. Here's what she asked:

Name five things in your life now that you never dreamed would be in your future when you were 25 years old.

Well, Kay made such a dynamite list she inspired me to do some digging.

1. When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed that age- and appearance-bias and discrimination was so prevalent, even among my friends and lovers--that anyone could reject me just because my body changed shape--after all, it was my mind that I considered my most important asset.

2. When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed I could ever commit to an addictive relationship that would eventually strip me of my soul, my spirit, my self-worth, and ultimately endanger my mental and physical health, or that it would take twenty-five more years to extricate myself,
and another ten to recover.

3. When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed that even though I scorned chauvinism and male domination, it would be years before I finally learned how to break the shackles and become my own woman-self.

4. When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed I would travel the world and sing in wonderful venues, or have so many fascinating adventures abroad.

5. When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed that I would have a natural childbirth at home--a daughter who would grow up to be such a fabulously wonderful woman.

I have to add a sixth: When I was twenty-five, I never dreamed that I would encounter so many paradigm shifts in my life, and question so many basic beliefs--justice, fairness, sense of self-worth, ad infinitum...

Thanks, Kay, I'm going to check out the other women you tagged now!

I'm tagging Cowtown Patty at Texas Trifles, Rhea at the Boomer Chronicles, Pam at Mind Trips, Wintersong, and Dorothy at Boomer Chick: Musings of an Over the Hill Chick.


Kay Dennison said...

I love your list!!! I can identify with several, too!!! Life sure has a way of throwing curve balls, doesn't it?

Joy Des Jardins said...

You truly have learned a lot....and achieved much Claudia. I can only say Kudos to you...I admire you even more for conquering some of these demons. You are truly a special lady.

Alice at Wintersong said...

I'm tagged! This is the very first one I've ever received. Of course I will do this, but next week after my guests have departed, as I want to give it the thought these thoughtful reflections deserve. I've been reading the same meme on different blogs, and have to say this one touched me the most, since it not only shows that your "journey" hasn't been an easy one, but that you've reached a place now that not only shows your progress, but shows that you know how much you've learned. Thanks so much for sharing, and I'll share my thoughts next week.

Rhea said...

Thanks for the tag. Now, I just have to see if I can wrap my mind around this...