Wayne Wang puts new film on YouTube

That's a pretty revolutionary idea for a major director to release a new film on YouTube and NOT in the theaters. It's an extraordinary film.

While watching The Princess of Nebraska, a beautifully shot slice of life about a young woman who is four months into a student exchange program...and four months into something that can change her life. She finds herself in San Francisco, bewildered by how out of touch Chinese-Americans are with contemporary China and the digital native teenagers' milieu.

I'm not crazy about YouTube, but they have one feature I love, The YouTube Screening Room. You can watch/embed new film from around the world, and that's one of my passions. Even though I know video is a technical problem for many people, I'm tempted to embed more of it on FOP. I researched and embedded a lot of video at The Good Musician, and it can add dimension to words. I'm also mulling transporting to WP.


kenju said...

I don't usually watch much utube, unless someone sends me a link or I find one on a blog somewhere. Maybe I ought to check it out more carefully!

Thanks for the visit and the lovely comments.

kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, kenju, have been reading your comments in TGY for some time and enjoying immensely. I am thrilled to have such wonderful elderblogging companions to visit.