Sleeting in Austin

My pals in the cold north will say, "and?" To which I would say, "yeah, but it was nearly 80 yesterday, and in the upper 70's today." Only worn a jacket twice all fall. I horrify my colleagues showing up in Birkies and a short-sleeved t-shirt. And then turning on my little fan. Drives 'em nuts.

What makes it weird is that it's also thundering and lightening. Major wind. The air is full of leaves. Raining leaves. All adds up to a late winter storm that doesn't have enough moisture in it, yet is perfectly able to freeze your toes off. Tomorrow I wear my storm jacket to work. They haven't seen anything yet. I have a wonderful Stockholm jacket that is good to below zero. But I need to be in Stockholm to wear it :) Shout out to Nick and Mia and the kids.

This will get my butt in gear to pack. I might try bundling this time, just for grins.

Is anyone else having problems with comments? Kay alerted me that she was unable to add a comment, so I checked my settings. They seem to be in good order. So I'll zing Blogspot and see what's up.

Photo--Prague, Czech Republic