Obama's tech folks had a live and functioning official White House Web site seconds after he was sworn in, at least we think he was. The site is an exemplar of good Web design. And they take comments from everyone.

Gone is the tired, monolithic Bush era site, still proclaiming Iraq had WMDs...somewhere...

News reports depict a medieval-like tech setup in the dank dungeons of government, a miasma of spotty and substandard communication systems. Kinda reminds me of the unveiling of the Great and Magnificent Oz, when Toto grasped the curtain in his teeth and pulled it aside to reveal a powerless snake oil salesman. The contrast is staggering.

They have not yet updated the "designate" status of various cabinet members, but considering the state in which they are operating, it's unfair to criticize the delay. The site itself is an open window into how Obama plans to proceed, and it will be interesting to see where they go with it.

The antidote to fear is knowledge, which can only be achieved in an open community. Bodes very well.