Yay 'cause I'm baaaaaack!

I didn't know how much I relied on FOP for all kinds of things until my computer crashed. A (somewhat) creative outlet, a nexus of communication, geeky puttering, colors! and much more.

Now if someone will do me the favor of commenting, I'll find out if that feature is working again. New photos to upload, new bookmarks, catching up with friends, answering 45 days worth of e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, lots and lots to occupy my mind and time, especially since AVAE is dark for the summer.

That flat line was beginning to get me down. I don't have a big subscribership, but I cherish those intrepid, constant souls who kept me company post after post.

I have been working out on the DIIA Blog, and was astonished at the exponential number of page hits we got when we live-blogged SXSWi. Of course I had a lot of help there, we've got some gifted geeks posting there, which takes much of the burden off me. Sigh...I can't help but wish that I were as engaging as SXSWi.

I do want to express my great thanks and appreciation to my friend who not only un-crashed my computer, he optimized it to the max. Runs much more quickly and smoothly than it has since I got it. Plus, he saved me a big bundle of greenbacks. Thanks, JF!

My computer deserves a name. Even at its advanced age. I had a friend who finally came up with a name for her VW van a week before she sold it and moved to India: McBus. Maybe it's time for a poll...or a name contest.


joared said...

WOW! I can finally leave a comment here after many months of trying.

Sure sorry to hear about what you're going through that prompts this frustration about your own situation and rage with some of the world's never-ending ills.

Early Sixties I experienced on-the-job what would now be considered sexual harassment. Today, I could have sued and maybe made a financial killing.

Can only wish you some sort of desirable resolution.

kokopelliwoman said...

Thank you, thank you for hanging in there with me. It was so frustrating, not being able to converse with my peeps in response to a particular post I admired. I didn't realize how much sustenance I get from the simple act of blogging, just because it allows me a little time to write for myself, read what my friends are doing and thinking--eloquent writers in a comfortable medium for sharing. Sexual harassment--sorry to hear that--seems to have been rampant, I wonder if there's more or less of it now, or just all rolled into a mega power trip.