Horns/Huskers game goes burnt orange

As the UT side of the stadium lit up, neighbors ran shrieking from their houses. Guess the kids are bringing home some bling tonight. Defence City. They've marched unbeaten to their championship. Good job. Now let's see all of them graduate.


Kay Dennison said...

Good job!!!!

hmmmm The only way they don't grauate at Ohio State is if they get an offer from the pros. And I'm told Coach Tressel is one of those coaches who keeps after his players on the importance of their education.

When my son the jock was getting recruited to swim in college in '93, the second question they asked him was "What's your GPA?" and smiled at his answer. At most schools these days, they don't bother with athletes who they have to babysit because the NCAA has gotten strict on grades for eligibility.

kokopelliwoman said...

Good for your son! And good for Ohio. Some sports are better than others here about recruiting and shepherding academic athletes to graduate. I recall reading football had the lowest, but the program as a whole has a decent rate of grad. with the GPA for grad school, should they choose.