Motoring in Texas

Mi Tierra, San Antonio, TX
Appears that a goodly portion of Austin truck owners are trading them in for Green cars. The gas price hit gas-guzzlers big. My Kia took $52 to fill. Seriously thinking alternative transportation. It's a huge honking shame that Austin doesn't have a better public trans environment. Too little thinking ahead back in the 60's and 70's, and a little too freaking late in 2011 to be snatching back our rights. Which have slowly been eaten away.

Well, we said it would happen, and it still is.

Speaking of education, or the lack thereof, what immediately spooks me is that on a perfectly good Friday afternoon, the Austin Public Libraries in my immediate vicinity were closed. CLOSED!

That's alarming for so many reasons on so many levels:
  • Writers are particularly voracious readers, usually poor.
  • Libraries are particularly fabulous family activities, especially on weekends and early evening.
  • School library resources are dwindling.
  • We HAVE to keep reading and writing, we're already beginning to lose our language.

And a shout-out to all my pals at SXSW interactive *waving*!