Opening a new blog -- Claudia Snowden

Fried Okra Productions is going dark. I've begun a new blog called simply Claudia Snowden on WordPress. It was time. Not very active yet, I'm battling a pinched nerve between my shoulder blades that hurts when I sneeze, cough, type, brush/wash my hair...move my right arm towards the left...pretty much any time.

Trying a new medication--Lyrica--to block the pain. Some unsettling side effects, such as also blocking other sensations, leading to more clumsiness than usual. If you have information or advice regarding Lyrica, I'd sure like to know. I don't trust meds that discombobulate.

I won't delete FOP. Too much content, good or bad, to throw away. And, I can refer back to posts that are relevant in my new blog.

Come visit and let me know what you think!


Bill Terry said...

Rock on and don't look back. Life is always challenging.