Victory over Vampirism!

For the last three weeks I've been skulking behind houses and buildings, timing my exits from caverns, Oblivion gates, and other esoteric haunts to coincide with night-time hours, because I got myself infected with hemophilia porphyria, or vampirism. Bloody inconvenient, so to speak. Not to mention nauseatingly gross to watch yourself suck blood from homeless people, with one of your hands on their waist, one on the lousy pallet near their head, to calm them should they begin to wake while you're feeding...

One simply cannot lead an ordinary life as an adventurer/wizard and get on with your business while avoiding the sun, hunting down arcane ingredients for the cure, putting up with snide remarks such as "ewwww, get away from me, you're not getting MY blood," and the like. I kept going through this fruitless cycle of chasing down an Argonian, which are difficult to find, stabbing him, getting thrown into jail, timing the fast travel so I could get to the witch who lived in the most awkward corner of the woods before I shriveled to a piece of burned-up leather, only to find that the line that would alert her that I'd done the deed just WOULD NOT highlight. Gigged the poor Argonian three times before I realized I was using the Wrong Enchanted Dagger!

Victory over Vampirism has come to be the perfect metaphor for colossal avoidance. Where are those canny comments on those profound blogs I planned to send? Sitting in my drafts box. Where are those 15 minute times "exorcises" that will jump-start my newest round of memoirs? Sitting in my notebook, waiting for the start whistle. Where are the fabuloso fotos from yesteryear? Waiting for the paper jam to be unstuck. Where are the clean sheets that will transform my bed into a yoga platform? Sitting folded, in the living room, fer crissakes.

I love playing RPGs. I rarely watch TV anymore. But the result is the same--time that could have been better spent otherwise. I'm still on University dial-up, which means that the built-in firewalls won't even let the huge MPOGs through. Did that stop me from buying TWO of them and spending months trying to get around those firewalls? Guess.

Anyone wanna buy a never used copy of EverQuest Platinum? Please?