l'Occitane, Amsterdam, and great memories

This fabulous woman in the rain in the Dutch medieval town of Edam is my daughter. When I got home from work this evening, Linus led me up the stairs to point out a package that he could tell was from her by smelling her scent. Inside the package there were boxes within boxes of goodies, and a card saying, "Hopefully this will conjure memories of Amsterdam! Love you lots and lots, E." In a black Sephora box tied with a red ribbon was a 500 ml pump bottle of l'Occitane, the wonderful French provence vervaine body soap stocked in the Hotel Amstel where we stayed. Arranged around that were eight albums containing a full set of photos she'd taken while we were there, and several DVDs of various entertaining things. AND two very generous phone calling cards. Is that just the most thoughful kid, or what?

Yes, sweetie, heart melting memories! I'll never forget our milestone birthday trip to the Netherlands. However, isn't it time we began planning our NEXT birthday trip??? We can keep it to the Western Hemisphere, if you want, plenty to see on this side of the big water... :)

Love, yo mama.


badgermama said...

This reminded me I never got it together to make books of our big family trip last month... I'm inspired to go finish that project and send photo albums to the whole clan. When I think how slack I am about even writing thank you notes and then think what I'd want from my kid when he grows up... yikes.

kokopelliwoman said...

Heh, heh, you have no idea how soooo busted you are going to be time and again over the next, oh, 25 years or so! Ya try to do everything so right, and BOOM! the kid is always one step further evolved than you are. It's great, is what it is! Let's see, must have been '79, the Swenson's ice cream parlor in Petaluma, CA. We'd finished our ice cream floats, E takes her straw between her 2nd & 3rd fingers like a cigareet, cocks her head back, squints her eyes, and say, "So, wanna moke a joint?" Heard it from her father, I swear, not from me! But busted, all the same, and we blew that popsicle joint in record time...