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Went to see An Inconvenient Truth at Alamo Drafthouse South. My first visit there since it was City Market since it was Fiesta. Strange to watch indie movies where the produce used to be. Great film. Every American under the age of 50 MUST see this film. My generation was screaming about global warming (among other petroleum industry catastrophies) in the late 60's and early 70's, and lo and behold, it has come to pass. Also has come to pass the military/industrial behemoth that has such a grip on the American way of life that it was inevitable. The kids need to see it. This is what they're growing up with, and if it doesn't change soon, there won't be any world for them to finish growing up in. It's really as simple as that.

Dang. I've noticed that my blog is coming down on the heavy side. To lighten up, go watch the band Ouch! on Youtube as they pay loving tribute to that crazy band the Rutles as they pay loving tribute to the Beatles. My friend Mike D, the audio wizard at work, is one of the gear Pre-Fab Four, and Ouch! served up a joyous set of Monty Python-esque nearly Beatles tunes at Jovita's last night. We stuck around to catch the first set of the Eggmen, who actually do Beatles tunes, and it was great fun singing along and re-creating those long-ago feelings of wonderment when first I heard "well, she was just seventeen, you know what I mean..." Nothing like a Beatles sing-along to end your work week.

Cindy Chang came up in an earlier post. Here's why I want to be reincarnated as Cindy--she is one of the most creative women I've ever had the privilege to know, and you can get a taste of that from her podcasts, which serve up a sampling of what she has in her music library, which is formidable. Cindy, or Adzuki Bean, has a master's degree in mathematics, does kickass IT, sings like an angel (I know, I sat right next to her for a while), does great Web and desktop publishing stuff (ditto, cause we worked together), plays flute AND violin, is a certified gemologist (I proctered her exams) and jewelry maker, phenomenal photographer and artist, and is the most stylish goth chick I've ever met. There's goth, and then there's Cindy--ruby red velvet platform sling-back sandals? From the 70's? She's got 'em. Wears 'em like she was born in 'em. She wrote a super sweet sonnet for my birthday, which I adore because she talks about scrawny sopranos cowering in fear of my laser-accurate pitch (WEG--I'm a total pitch-witch alto II). She's got a great ear AND eye, by the way, and a visit to her sites will brighten your day.


cchang said...

Awww shucks. Seriously, that's one of the best compliments ever and funny you should say such things because I often tell people that you're a good map of what I want to be when as I get older. You're definitely one of the coolest mom's for sure!