Clinton/Obama debate by invitation only

Gee. CNN and Univision have teamed up to produce a Clinton/Obama debate on the UT-Austin campus. Citing security reasons, attendance is by invitation only. If that is truly the case, why were the authorities not concerned when Obama attracted 20,000 supporters at an outdoor venue in Austin a year ago?

Half the tickets go to the Texas Democratic Party. The other half to CNN/Univision peoples, the campaigns, and only a few to students, none to the general public. It's turning out to be a media event for the producers, not a debate for the students. If no more students are allowed to attend, then why tout the fact that it's on a university campus? This seems to run contrary to what Clinton and Obama are saying--that they value the youth vote.

I can guarantee, they will both have about 50,000+ really pissed off UT-Austin students. Unfortunately, the candidates will get the blame, rather than CNN/Univision--the MSM calls the shots once again. Bummer.