SxSWi on the horizon

The South by Southwest interactive, film, and music conference is just around the corner. Literally. I live only a mile or two from the Austin Convention Center, where it headquarters every year, so it's on my mind year-round. Of course, it spreads out all over town, especially in the case of music.

I learn a lot at interactive, and I love seeing old friends and making new ones. Each year, more and more graymanes come out, which pleases me no end. This year, Rhea of The Boomer Chronicles will be here, and she's already on my schedule.

Darren from Problogger Tips will be here too. I subscribe to his blog as well, and really should get it up on my bloglog.

Glenda Sims, my accessibility guru at UT once again lends her expertise to Web developers and writers. She slipped me the tip that WordPress is 508 compliant, and no offense to Blogger, but I'm considering switching for that very reason.

Are you coming to SXSWi? If so, let me know, we can plan a meet-up!


sharryb said...

What's 508 compliant? I hate to show my ignorance, but I also hate not knowing.

kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, sharryb, thank you so much for bringing that up. There is no reason that you should know about 508. I am aware of it only because I'm a Web writer/editor at a university, and Section 508 refers to accessibility to electronic media generated by a federally-funded public institution. It's part of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Here's a more specific definition, which I took from "Section 508--www.section508.gov"


"In 1998, Congress amended the Rehabilitation Act to require Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Inaccessible technology interferes with an individual's ability to obtain and use information quickly and easily. Section 508 was enacted to eliminate barriers in information technology, to make available new opportunities for people with disabilities, and to encourage development of technologies that will help achieve these goals. The law applies to all Federal agencies when they develop, procure, maintain, or use electronic and information technology. Under Section 508 (29 U.S.C. ‘ 794d), agencies must give disabled employees and members of the public access to information that is comparable to the access available to others."

As a proponent for elder tech usability, I feel that it behooves me to "practice what I preach," as it were, and support blog software that complies with the disabilities act. After all, one of these days I may rely on it to be able to continue to use the Web for whatever reason--blogging, research, etc. Thanks again for your great question--you've given me an idea to include a post explaining it in more detail.

joared said...

I believe I agree with you re supporting those who support Section 508. Your logic about the potential for needing access to information at some point in future time appeals to me. Do write more about it.

I must find some local tech conventions to which I could attend. Had thought I was such a newbie I might feel out of place, especially as an older person, but I haven't allowed that to stop me in other areas, so what am I thinking.

Have concluded it might be nice to encounter some other older bloggers, too, as seems to be a dearth of them around where I live, though I'm trying to change that.

kokopelliwoman said...

This just gets better. Joared, you go, girl. They need you just as much as you need them. I belong to a group of women writers who meet monthly and share what they're working on. We use exercises and tools from Rosemary Daniell's "Secrets of the Zona Rosa" to write and support other writers. It's a safe and satisfying haven, even though I can't always participate. I know you'll find some fabulous company :)

If I were to choose one niche to blog about, it would be on assistive tech for eldertechies. I'm not an expert, but I have found myself focusing research in that area more often than not. I am delighted to find other folks who are interested as well.

Who knows? Sounds like a good idea for a multiple contributor blog or site on gerontechnology from a broad, lay POV.

cchang said...

I didn't realize that TypePad was 508 compliant...Hrmmmmmm....
CAtching the music end of SXSW. Definitely want to get involved with SXSWi next year. Heck, it sounds counts and professional development hours for us anyway! Hope you are having a blast!

kokopelliwoman said...

cc--WordPress is, I don't know about TypePad. I'll bet you meant to write WordPress--I had to re-read the post to see what I'd written. Funny stories from SX. Isn't Amy's SX blog astoundingly awesome?