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b5media's Music Channel offers 38 tracks to get you through your Monday.
The selection is vast. The tracks are ones we feel you should hear. Discover music and let us know what we should be checking out. Have fun and welcome to a great selection of music.

Every Monday
should start off with some quality Jazz. The Jazz and Blues Lounge is our online authority. Keeping with the jazz era The Good Musician gives us two of the greatest of all time. Finish your third cup of coffee and bring it upbeat a bit with either Pop and listen to some new Nelly & Fergie at Pop Music Scene or download two free metal tracks at Metal Martyr.

From the world of four global music meccas....Jet-set half way around the globe for two must have Aussie tracks at Oz Music Scene. Heading back to the new music mecca of America, Big Apple Music Scene gives you two tracks that should be on every iPod. Down to one of America's strongest indie cultures, Austin Sound Check gives us two tracks that you need to hear. Toronto is a bustling and exciting music scene and Toronto Unplugged gives us two solid, solid tunes.

Our online music resource Our Digital Music lets us in on two key tracks to download. Anything with Dylan is good, but this Rock Dose is the best. Christian Music Fan outlines two tracks within the Christian genre. Ear Sucker always features a wide variety of quality music and these tracks are no different.

After your coffee, enjoy a martini and crank up some good ol' fashioned crooning by blasting these two gems from Crooner Culture. No day is complete without some top notch classic rock - head to the Rock Relic for your rock fix. After the magical mystery ride in rock, float over to New Age Vibe for two favorites. New Age to Industrial Addiction for great cuts from that growing genre. She Plays Music always has the inside track of women in music - here are two solid recommendations. Punk Rock is alive and well! News in Punk features two outstanding punk tracks. Add a little Hippie to your day with these diamonds at Hippie Sounds.

Hope you enjoy the wide array of selections!


joared said...

This sounds like quite a lineup of programs for good music listening. You might enjoy what I recently wrote about a music festival I attended over the weekend.

joared said...

This is quite a listing of music links -- will keep me busy for a while.

kokopelliwoman said...

Joared, on my way to read it right now! Yes, interesting links--keeping an open mind about music can lead to some wonderful listening experiences, no matter the genre.

naomi dagen bloom said...


thanks for alerting me to the WomensEnews interview. though i get their stuff daily, mostly do not see what's on the entire site and had not been notitified by anna who talked to me last year.

btw, curb cuts here in new york city have another double-edge: use by take-out delivery guys on bikes!

will drop by again soon and learn more about austin, TX.

yours, naomi

kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, Naomi, thanks for dropping by. Lots of neat things in Austin...well, it was 98 today... But we have Barton Springs, and other ways to cool off--welcome to Texas!