Ike is a monster

O M G. Here is a video from the space station, via KXAN.com local NBC affiliate in Austin. Ike is gigantic.

Galveston just lost emergency power and there are electrical fires throughout the city.

The cold front from the north will lessen the effect on Austin.

I was just reading comments on one of the sites, and some Austinites were saying that folks are panicking and buying the stores out of water and food. Long lines at the gas pump. If this is true, then I'm glad I got gas yesterday, that I have stuff to eat and drink, and cat food. (See earlier post).

The big problem will be losing power. I can't deal with that. It will still be in the 80's, and stiflingly humid. No AC will be a definite threat. The utility company has posted their fleet around town to better deal with outages.


Kay Dennison said...

Heartfelt prayers for you and Linus!!!!!!

Keep us posted when you can!

kokopelliwoman said...

Thanks, Kay. The outcome was different than expected, but it has become another learning process.

The destruction we avoided here was not in many areas, and this is happening more frequently in the last several years. We are beginning to lose the shorelines in the gulf and lower Atlantic coast. And the real threat is the scarcity of drinkable water. They'd predicted losing over a thousand waste storage and treatment plants, and the health threat is still huge. Still hot enough for mosquitoes, so water-borne and critter-born diseases.

Long recovery, for sure.

Thanks for checking in on us!