Presidential Debate a real stomach churner

I made myself watch the debate, despite the fact that I had to make a conscious effort to keep my stress level down. I love what Jim Lehrer did, or tried to do, in encouraging the candidates to speak directly to each other. I grow weary in the last stretch, let's get it over with, already. I've never been so ready to vote. Gee, would I sound like McCain if I said, "I first voted in '68, and in most every pressie, plus lotso state and local elections, and I can say we've never had so much at stake in our country. "

It was so painful to hear McCain's litany. He never once addressed Obama face to face. To be fair, Obama was a little uncomfortable at first about the degree of engagement that Lehrer was attempting to promote. Once he got into the swing of it, he addressed McCain, Lehrer, and the TV audience.

By the end, Obama had just hit his stride. McCain was flagging. It took a lot out of him. He couldn't get Obama to succumb to his bullying. Obama stood up to the insider smears, never taking the bait to lower himself to McCain's tactics.

You could see he was a little pissed at McCain insisting on trying to tarnish Obama's character, while never quite answering the question. From where I was sitting, Obama focused on actions, and never smeared McCain's character--only the Bush administration's bad judgment and decisions. McCain could hardly find anything good to talk about.

And he really put his foot in his mouth, unintentionally ratting on his homies, when he said, "I'll make sure that American soldiers never torture anyone again." That "again" was pretty much a public admission that that is in fact what has been going on since we invaded Iraq, of course before, as well, but not as systematically systemic. McCain is still talking about physically, forcibly taking over Iraq, hardly any mention of diplomacy, or of tackling the real problem in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

McCain would cut funding to everything but the defense and 2 other things I can't remember. And institute consumer-purchased health care. Without regulation in the industry, it will STILL be too expensive to purchase. Not a word about education, but lots about 'roiding the military.

It will be interesting to see if either of them changes their tactic in the next debate. Oh, gee, I guess I'd betterremember to get some heavy duty antacid for the VP debate.


joared said...

Good recap on the debate. Think it was better than most of the candidate exchanges in recent years. At least they pretty much stayed on some of the issues.

kokopelliwoman said...

Thanks, joared. My stomach is still a little queasy, though :)

I'm hoping that the VP debate on Thursday will reveal the huge intelligence and experience gap between the 2. I'll have to get another bottle of pink for that one!

Joy Des Jardins said...

It was actually shameful to see McCain act like a brooding, bitter child who wouldn't play nice. Never made eye contact with Obama; just couldn't engage himself. That told me a lot...and I didn't like what I saw. And, we expect this man to talk to foreign dignitaries on our behalf as our Chief Executive? I don't think so.

Even though I think McCain did better than I thought he would do; in my eyes Obama won that debate hands down for several reasons...one of which was respect and maturity...something I would expect out of someone who would be our President. He was a much classier act.

kokopelliwoman said...

Hey, joy, learned tonight that SNL is going live on Thursday prime time for the duration of the election. For the third time, Tina Fay nailed it. Thank goodness for a little humor. Otherwise, I'd be in a frazzled heap.

Sometimes our society comes up with an attempt to inject insightful, funny pokes at our public servants. Who would have us forget that that is what they are--the representatives of the people's best interests, at all times.