Another Texas Summer

It was 100 degrees today. Summer is here. Time to drink more water, stay out of the sun's rays, eat lots of fruit. Making meals of a half-pint of blackberries, or a mango, yogurt.

Also time to get out after dark for musical happenings in parks and other venues.

Speaking of which, I am thoroughly pleased about meeting some great folks and musicians through The Good Musician. Posted an interview/review with Rick Blincoe, a seasoned local musician who just released his first CD, "Don't Bet the Farm." It is quintessential Austin cool.

Upcoming guests for TGM Exclusive Interviews are Steven McMillan/White Oak Trio, Will Taylor/Strings Attached, and James Neel/James Neel Music House.


joared said...

Glad to hear your TGM blog is cooking with interesting interviews. Haven't been able to get out and around for blog visiting as much as I would like recently.

Rhea said...

My friend from Fort Worth is coming up today to visit me in Boston. Stay cool.

kokopelliwoman said...

Thanks, joared, I know how difficult it is to cover all the ground one would like on the internet. Can't wait to retire so I can put the time in that both blogs really need.

kokopelliwoman said...

Yahooooo! Cow Town! My parents went to TCU, back when. Actually, Ft. Worth supports the arts quite well for a town its size. Lots of rich oil, cattle, land folks are doing good things to raise the cultural consciousness of a former wild west outpost. It's all one big city now, Ft. Worth, Dallas, all the towns in between--kinda like a horizontal version of the vertical Eastern Seabord.

Have a great time! Wish I was visiting Boston as well :)