Central Europe photos--Budapest, Hungary

Parliament House, Budapest, Hungary--view from Castle Hill

Frustration. So many photos, so little time to get them into an accessible viewer. Central Europe is enchanting and deeply touching. As a kid, I was fascinated with what the world was really like behind the old Iron Curtain. Another dream I never expected to come true, but has. Very cool beans. I learned as much about my self as about peoples who lived only in my imagination.

Just as I never dreamed I would live in Australia for a couple of years and perform with the Sydney Choir in the Opera House, I was stunned by the force of a dream so archetypal that it transported me to that part of the world. This time machine isn't linear, it's infinite. Following that theory out, I'll more than likely make it to Africa one day. My mom, daughter, and niece have all experienced it and come away (or not, Jet's in Kenya), profoundly changed.

Plaza of Heroes, Magyar Chieftains 8-14th centuries. Budapest, Hungary.

Central Europe is just like the US except that it is historically vulnerable to invaders from a huge land mass to the east. The Carpathian Basin is fertile, lots of agriculture going on. Significant numbers of wind generators dotted throughout vast fields of wheat. Ancient heroes praised and honored through enduring architecture and artistry. This area was a thriving commercial center over the milennium, alternating with
regular invasions by folks like Attila the Hun and various ostragoths and eastern aggressors.

Tomb of Saint Wenceslas (Szent Vraclav), Budapest, Hungary

OMG. The cathedrals, churches, palaces, municipal buildings, royal residences. Opulent artistic expressions that shine like jewels throughout. Is it Budapest, or Prague that has over 300 spires? The other isn't far behind. As we traveled east to west, the condition of these gems showed more funding for repair and renovation. Budapest is still struggling, but commerce is picking up. Go soon before the Euro goes into effect in January 2009.

Altars of solid silver, gold everywhere, walls inlaid with semi-precious stones. Garnets and amber abound. You're looking at the tomb of Saint Wenceslas (Szent Vraclav) in the Wenceslas Byzantine chapel, surrounded by layers of subsequent centuries and building--an unbelievable display of styles. AVAE sang in the middle of all this wonderment.

Parliament House, Budapest, Hungary at twilight, around 10:00 p.m. Same view as above but coming back down from Castle Hill. Charming, no?

Photographs were not allowed in some areas, like the frauenkirche in Dresden. This lady's chapel was all brilliant white porcelain and gold. Exquisite, not to be sullied by digitization. In some museums, you could pay for a license, sans flash.

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