52 Weeks: #1

Creating a tasteful environment. Pretty tall order for someone who's still in boxes. One thing stood out--no lovely things to look at and be inspired by in my office/workshop.

Introducing Brenda Bromeliad. She is disguising the fact that my cheapo pressboard computer desk is sagging in the middle.

The welcome splash of color and life already makes me feel better and more comfortable about this new journey.

Pace and Kyeli are smart cookies--they understand that success is best achieved by mastering baby steps in an organic manner, rather than leaping off a tall building just to quit smoking. Muddled metaphor, but it works for me.

Ties in with decades of working cognitive behavior therapy, AlAnon programs, and any other process that systematically addresses positive change. And the missions (as opposed to assignments or exercises) in the 52 Weeks to Awesome program uses those techniques in technicolor. With no pressure, no "shoulds" or dogma attached.

As a mutual friend exclaimed, "you'll have such a lot of fun." And that's what retirement should be. The I Ching says it furthers one to find a great teacher and also the right helpers. Jackpot--looks like I found not one, but two--in the right place at the right time. We are encouraged to share our journey (respecting copyright, attribution where appropriate, of course). I feel my heart opening up, my shoulders relaxing, my brain bubbling with yeasty ideas, and laughter squirting out in unexpected places. It's also a new vein of content for FOP. Bright, shiny epiphanies whizzing by at an accelerated rate.

And it's only the beginning!


Kay Dennison said...

Looks good!!!! Sounds good!!!

If you need stuff cheap, check the thrifts and, if you have a Habitat for Humanity ReStore down there, it's wondrous place with everything from from books and knickknacks to furniture (computer desks) to all manner of home improvement stuff at bargain prices.

Keep on keepin' on!!!!

kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, Kay, great idea--we do have a ReStore here, and I guess I've been too lazy to check out the St. Vinny's and Goodwill. I prefer to support those industries rather than the local box stores, for sure.