What I Did Today: the good, the could be better, and the lovely

We're looking for someone who can appraise Wedgewood. Know anyone?

Mom (or should it be mum?) picked up pieces on several trips to London in the '60's and '70's.

The good: feeling in my bones that de-cluttering does not have to mean the total annihilation of physical "things" that bring me joy and happiness. It simply means getting stuff organized so that I have the right tools for the right job in one place. Easier said than done, so enlisting the help of professional organizers means that two of my friends will be available to help haul.

The bad was not really "bad," and I'm going to not call it that again. It was the "what action can I improve?" part of the day's mission. Which was easy: take better care of my body--hit the glucosamine early in the morning, wear my ankle brace when it's really cold and wet--like now--in the 20's tonight, rained enough to get some mud. So I look forward to working on that tomorrow. Put some flax and sunflower seeds in my oatmeal in the morning.

The lovely: following daughter's suggestion to photograph those thingies I love and put them all in an album, along with a little story or poem about that item--where it came from, how old I was, ancestors. Ya know, typical Capricorn stuff.

These are a jumble, awaiting said friends to transform my house into a museum/music parlor/workshop/mini-garden.

 The bronze elephant was a white elephant gift. Go figure. I have much more cinnabar.

My grandmother's teapot. My first celadon love. She probably got it as a wedding present.

My grandfather made this clock. I have the pendulum and key. Should take it to a clock shop and get it working again. Would love to see it on the wall. He would wind it once a week, and it made a nice alto tick tock.