More photos from the 60's

Fun shoot back in '68 or '69 (now how can I remember?). The lady on the left is no longer with us. The lady on the right was a news photographer with the Dallas Times Herald when it was still publishing. She taught me how to take photographs without a light meter. "Just trust your eyes," she said. And I did. The weird coloring is due to my crudded up scanner, not the actual photo.

The paper furnished her with a great Nikon system, so she loaned me her personal system and we processed film and made prints on the weekends.

We would drive around Texas, looking for interesting places to shoot, and took pics of each other and whatever caught our eye.

This was completely off-the-cuff, we constantly flowed between the back and front of the camera, using whatever was at hand for props, and mostly natural light.

After decades of operating an SLR as an extension of my body, I'm finding it difficult to work with a digital camera. Maybe I can find a used digital SLR that can reveal the world to me like a non-digital SLR. My digital photos have no soul. I can't touch the essence of the person or subject through a digital like I can with an SLR. Early in my adult life I set a goal of capturing the very best portrait of each of my friends that I possibly could. Now where did I put those??


heavy metal mom said...

Hi lady!!! You are a sweetie - I hope we can see you on the 23rd at Cindy's! Your blog is awesome - I love this picture. I'd love to see some of your stuff sometime.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Hi Claudia,

I made it over here like I said I would....just been looking around...I like your place very much. I'm going to look around a little further if that's okay?

BTW....great photo of the ladies, fellow Capricornian.

cchang said...

I love that photo. The wistful look on their faces is very interesting.

cchang said...

LOL! I just read your comment...I thought you knew that I was doing contract work for them. I'm completely overhauling their website, taking new photos and redesigning the graphics for the UTLC. I get to manage an entire large scale project on my own...and put in a good word for DIIA at the same time. It's fantastic and I get to be a bossy princess (did you see the tiny lap top they got me? It fits in my purse). Stressful at times because you know how some educators are about change, but change is coming whether they want it or not. Eventually they'll be incorporating video podcasting for Jay's math classes, online-tutor training for Grace's area, maybe even automate a lot of the paperwork?!

Besides, I miss seeing students. :)

kokopelliwoman said...

HMM, I do plan to come and finish up a necklace I started for my niece's birthday four years ago! I have some single earrings, having lost the mate over the years, and I found some beads that complement them. Voila'! Necklaces!

kokopelliwoman said...

Joy, welcome! Hope you visit some of my friends' sites as well--lots of groovy, artistic people. Nice to have a sister elderblogger dropping in from time to time :)

kokopelliwoman said...

cc, nope, I didn't know--we haven't really talked since your grand birthday party. Good for you!! I'll be looking forward to seeing the new site. Sweetie, you can be a bossy princess with more class and grace than anyone I know :)

cchang said...

Hee hee...How funny.
Because I blog, I now lose track of actual conversations. Isn't that just awful? And of course I'm arrogant enough to think that all my friends actually keep up with the entires...LOL

Well, I do hope to see you at the crafting brunch. Looks like it'll be a larger crowd this time around. Mmmm mimosas.