Okra is good for you...really

Okra is loaded with nutrition, crazy amounts of some, and even has a high factor of anti-inflammatory components. This is boiled, naked okra--not fried in cornmeal, or in a dish with other ingredients.

A researcher has neat photos of the plant, blossom, and fruit. Thanks to Ravi Kochhar for permission to put them on my blog.

All about okra.

Lovely okra photos.

Props from Mother Nature.com

Nutrition facts.


sharryb said...

Loved the okra display. I just got back from Arlington, TX where sibs and I celebrated my parents 180 birthday. Both turning 90 this year. My sister, Terry, the real cook of the family, suggested favorite foods from childhood. Would you believe okra was one of them? Enjoying your posts.


kokopelliwoman said...

Hi, Sharry. Felicitations to your 180th parents--that's truly amazing. Yep, if it's Texas, it must be okra :)
Thanks for the comment--your site is cool! Can I add you to my Elderblogger roll?

Rhea said...

I love okra. My college roommate from Puerto Rico introduced me to it. She just steamed or boiled and squeezed lemon on top.

Joy Des Jardins said...

Thanks for all the info on okra. I've actually had very little of it...maybe in soups and some veggie dishes....I like it.

kokopelliwoman said...

Rhea, that's a new one--I've never tried lemon, but certainly will the next time. If I can't get it fresh, I always have some in the freezer, whole and sliced. BTW, did you get my message that I'll be in Boston Dec. 19-Jan. 3? We'll have to meet for coffee at one of those groovy little places in the 'hood.

kokopelliwoman said...

Joy, the traditional gumbo is just not gumbed properly unless it contains okra. The file that is used to thicken it is ground sassafras and okra seeds. Okra and grain amaranth both have the most incredible histories. I should drag out my old college Bio paper on amaranth and post something.

Blackgirl On Mars said...

My new love who knew nothing about okra until he read my work surprised me with a bag of frozen okra the other day. I live in Denmark and it is, needless to say, difficult to get. I think he cemented the relationship there.
the lab

kokopelliwoman said...

Wow--the diaspora of okra continues! A friend once said that if she could find a man who could give excellent massages AND fix her VW minibus, she would marry him. She did, and she did! You and I would probably add "and he has to keep me supplied with okra." :) Good for him!