Barbara Jordan: the Constitution's staunchest defender

They should round up all of Congress, and replay the clip of her famous speech about her utter and complete faith in the Constitution of the United States. Barbara Jordan KNEW how nasty it had been and could become in an augenblick. You can't say she didn't warn us. We need her now. Or at least call her and her rock solid politics to mind and heed what she says. We need someone who will defend the Constitution as astutely as she did.

That's something relatively new in aging for me. Living long enough to have seen a pretty interesting chunk of politics, from Truman on. It was always on our radio, and TV when we got one.

I miss Barbara Jordan, one of my earliest sheroes. I miss Nina Simone, as well, and talked about her at The Good Musician.


Kay Dennison said...

She was one hell of a good woman!

Cowtown Pattie said...

I adored Barbara Jordan.

Miss her and Molly Ivins every day.

kokopelliwoman said...

Kay, you said it! An extraordinary woman.

Pattie--yes, especially when you know Molly would be incandescent writing about this election year.