It furthers one to find a good teacher--I Ching

Change is inevitable. You can frequently turn it to your advantage if you keep a sharp lookout. Other times you just have to sit and grieve over the loss of a situation you held dear. And then move on.

Decrypting, our choral director is retiring from our group to focus on his university duties. This is as it should be, and everyone is pleased for him, and grateful for the time he spent with us. He is truly a gifted rehearsal technician and director, and coaxed the ensemble to shine. I was privileged to participate in some uncommonly good music making, singing stuff I adore. He will be sorely missed. I look forward to participating with him and other colleagues at the 2009 Georgetown Arts Festival.

So tonight I'm articulating my appreciation for two of the good teachers I've had the opportunity to learn from and grow with as a musician.

I especially am honored to have experienced the totally awesome Central Europe tour with our director and his wife, who is an equally gifted artist and teacher. I learned much from her about digital photography, both through her gentle tutoring and by observing her interaction with all the glorious sights around us and what her eye was drawn to. She created some absolutely gorgeous mementos of those dazzling experiences for the group.

Thanks, Kenny. Thanks, Star.


Kay Dennison said...

I understand. Why is it the people who we appreciate and who help us most leave us?

kokopelliwoman said...

That's why I consult the I Ching when I need inspiration or answers, Kay. It's all about the normal order of change, and learning how to accept it. At some point, we become the teachers, and thus continue to pass the wisdom through the ages. Those who leave us are going through their own changes. Not for nothing is the I Ching referred to as "The Book of Changes." Doesn't hurt any less, but gives us a more useful perspective, IMHO. Thanks for your comment, Kay. P.S. I'm really enjoying your archival blog--learning a lot about you I didn't know. Neat!