Elderbloggers and Zona Rosa Austin

I have sorely neglected my first two writing loves: elderbloggers and Zona Rosa Austin. Rather than posting on FOP, I yearn to catch up with my elderblogger buddies and see what's going on with them. The eldersphere has been so supportive and, well...wise, it has become a real source of authentication and friendship.

So I am finding time to visit my pals online and see what they're up to. As well, I have missed practically the last year of Zona Rosa Austin, the group started by Rosemary Daniell, that also is a source of inspiration and support. I finally have a free Saturday to visit with my friends f2f and share our writing ups an
d downs. I have watched some fine writers develop in that group, and their successes and heartbreaks are mine as well.

Meanwhile, here are some garnets I picked up in Bratislava and Prague.


Kay Dennison said...

GORGEOUS!!! I am violating the
10th Commandment because I truly covet that glorious garnet jewelry!! Are you a January baby? I'm an Aries and garnet is my astrological birthstone.

Later -- I gotta go to confession!!! LOL

kokopelliwoman said...

Yep, I'm a Cappie--Jan. 18. I'm glad I got the ring for my daughter--it's the first time I've been able to get her something nice in over a decade. Hey, just go to Prague! LOL! Was that mean? ;_

joared said...

Lovely stones!

kokopelliwoman said...

Thanks, joared. The ring is on my daughter's finger, soon I'll get a chain so I can wear the earrings/pendant. Then periodically, when we see each other, we'll exchange. Odd idea, no? Just another mother/daughter spontaneous tradition. :)