Fired up about work

This guy is climbing out of a manhole in Bratislava, Slovakia. Notice how the top of his helmet is all shiny? Folks rub it for luck.

I just got a promotion at work, and will get to use a lot of my favorite expertise to do it. Like blogging, promoting good stuff, networking, designing, and working with cool, very smart, creative people. What's not to like? Working for decades in non-profits and other universities, I'm accustomed to getting the best artistic value while running on a modest budget.

Looking forward to applying a little social networking to marketing, maybe even in a virtual environment. Both music and IT. At first, I wasn't so sure about how music and technology would mesh in my life. Now I know. It's the Saraswati principle. The Hindu goddess of music AND the sciences.

The first time I took an HTML class, I was struck by how the code resembled musical forms. The closing tag = a cadence. There's an arc of tension in both that is equally important.


Joared said...

Congratulations! Sounds like you've found the best of all worlds.

Suzz said...

Love the picture of the man half-way out of the sewer. Congrautlations on your promotion. It's wonderful to get paid for having fun.

Kay Dennison said...

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am delighted for you!!! I hope your good karma is contagious & heads for Ohio!!!!